1. Terms of Agreement: Nothing in this agreement obligates the Contractor(s) crayton.communications, LLC and/or crayton.infotainment to accept the project of WebSite Design, Development, Hosting and/or Video Production Services for the Client. In the event the Contractor(s) voluntarily terminates their services before the end of the project, this is the financial responsibility of Client to pay all remaining unpaid hours until the termination period. The contractors must give a twenty four hour notice upon the voluntary termination of the project. The Client must also give a twenty four hour notice to the Contractor(s) if they are voluntary terminating the project. All remaining hours must be paid until the termination period, to the Contractor(s) for work accumulated, plus a $250.00 service fee.

2. Payment For Services: Payment for services will be paid to the project coordinator, crayton.communications, LLC and/or crayton.infotainment. Bills for WebSite Design, Development, Hostingand/or Video Production Services will be billed as follows. 1/3 down payment before project starts, at contract signing. 1/3 due at end of first round proof by client 1/3 Remaining Balance due at the final upload of the website to server. Bills will be, submitted and paid in person at the times listed above. All projects will be quoted before starting the project, the above 1/3 down payment is based on the quote. All prices are subject to change according to circumstances that may arise, all price changes will be discussed with the client as soon as they arise. The 1/3 down payment or deposit is nonrefundable after 72 hours.

3. Confidentiality:
Any and all WebSite Design, Development, Hostingand/or Video Production Services is under the strictest confidentiality. Under no circumstances shall the Client or the Contractor(s) discus any techniques, content, or secretive information (i.e.. passwords, server information, etc.) In the event that the Client would like to share information with other persons there must be an established line of communication between the Client and the Contractor(s) on what may be discussed or released.

4. LIABILITY: The Contractor(s) is not responsible or liable for any content contained within the WebSite Design, Development, Hostingand/or Video Production Services service, and is not responsible for any unlawful act in which the Client may be engaged in, unknowingly to the Contractor. The Contractor(s) is not liable for any corruption within the WebSite Design, Development, Hosting and/or Video Production Services , if altered or changed by the Client or the Clients employees. Contractor is not responsiable for any down time associated with hosting & other services preformed for the client.

5. Ownership Of intellectual property: Unless Contractor(s) and Client reach a written agreement to the contrary, the Contractor(s) who is the creator, designer and/or developer, agrees for itself and its personnel that pursuant to the client's requirement, all WebSite Design, Development, Hosting and/or Video Production Services files; that are used in the final presentation platform, with the exclusions of applications and documents used to create such files, created in part or in whole, by the Contractor(s) is the property of the Client to be used only for its intended purpose, unless approval is given by the Contractor(s) to be reused in other environments by the Client or any other Contractor(s). The Client must have reference to the name of the designing Contractor(s) within the final copy and must willing give the Contractor(s) a copy of all files for their portfolio.

The Owner being the Contractor(s) has complete control of the above materials and creations, including copyright, patent rights, and all other intellectual property rights therein and the material can not be reused unless permission has been approved by the Contractor(s). The Contractor(s) can reuse the existing material on other websites for his clients.

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