F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions
The Internet is a “network of networks” that links computers around the world. They all use a set of rules called TCP/IP to exchange information. Driven by services, such as, electronic mail, file transfer, news groups, and the World Wide Web.


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At one time funded by the Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation, the Internet is now paid for and operated by the thousands of institutions that use it. A committee known as the Internet Engineering Task Force defines technical standards. TheInternetis not controlled by a single administrative body; rather, it is an aggregation of schools, corporations, government agencies, and other organizations that share resources and jointly fund the regional “backbones” that interconnect their campuses.


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Internet Solutions

...Go beyond connecting people and transferring documents.

...Once a client's web site has been completed, constantly monitor the site. Frequently back-up all the data, while keeping a log of the site "hits". Upon request can create and analyze Website activity statistics and Search Engine position ranking reports.

...Web Design utilizing (Shockwave, Flash, QuicktimeVR, SVG, VRML, Video production and Editing on a broadcast level, 3DMF(Animation) ActiveX, Pearl(cgi), UNIX, MacOS, NT, XML, PHP, dhtml, html, C/C++, Java Script, Java & Relational Database).

    ...Web to database integration

    ...Electronic commerce solutions

    ...Interface and design

    ...Web and application hosting

    ...Custom messaging applications

    ...Secure messaging solutions

    ...Network mail and messaging

    ...E-mail migration services

    ...E-learing services

    ...Database integration applications

    ...Workflow process applications

    ...Secure site accessible only to your company's employees

    ...Streaming media platforms open standard MPEG-4

    ...PDA development

    ...Web Site Design

    ...Web Site Development

    ...Web Site Hosting

Shared IP Address
Web server all over are assigned an IP address. IP address might look something like this: The server’s IP address generally stays the same all the time. All websites on the internet are hosted on shared IP addresses, which means that one server with one IP address holds multiple domain names.

It used to be that every domain name had a different IP address, but with the rapid increase of domains needed and the finite number of IP addresses they began to share IPs. Servers are able to determine by the domain entered in a user’s browser which domain is being requested, even though it may send a request for an IP with hundreds of domains.

Dedicated IP Address
Dedicated IP address is set aside specifically for one domain, like in the old days. If someone types in the numeric form of the IP address the same domain will always appear in the browser. Dedicated IP addresses are no longer the norm and it usually costs more to get one.

Who Needs a Dedicated IP Address?
Dedicated IP addresses are used for large web sites or secure e-commerce web sites.

Benefits of a Dedicated IP Address
Shared IP is usually easier and cheaper, there are a few advantages to having a dedicated IP address. A dedicated IP is needed for three specific reasons:

Using Private SSL Certificate. Only if you need to have your own SSL certificate. SSL certificates are needed for accepting credit cards online. Web sites that are hosted that offer SSL usually offer a shared SSL certificate where users can share the web host’s SSL. You are using your web host’s SSL you don’t need a dedicated IP.

Anonymous FTP.
Is a method of sharing files on the Internet. Anonymous FTP means a computer will allow anyone using the FTP software access a special directory for files on its disk drive. The service is called Anonymous FTP because the user name used to sign in is "anonymous." To enable anonymous FTP certain web hosts require dedicated IP for the anonymous FTP function to work properly. Your web host if this is an issue for you.

Setting up your own Domain Name Server.
Since all web hosts provide you with their DNS servers, you don't need to have your own, but if you choose to have your own name server you will need to have a dedicated IP address to do so.

Search Engines Ban Shared IP Users
Recent rumors suggested that search engines have blocked spam activity, by blocking ip addresses. Since shared IP address users are bundled together on the same IP address with many others, innocent sites would be banned from search engines if this were the case. The rumor, however, is false. Alot web hosting services use an IP sharing environment. Using modern name-based technology a search engine is able to ban anything on a domain name instead of an entire IP neighborhood. So it continues to be search engine safe to host a site on a shared IP environment. To sum up- serious webmasters who would like total control over their server and space, and e-commerce web sites who need their own SSL certificates are the best candidates for dedicated IP addresses. The rest of us can just happily coexist on the cheaper shared IP’s

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